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Fluid Service Technologies Ltd.

Fluid Service Technologies (FST) manufactures category leading, specialty fluid service equipments (Transmission Flusher & Coolant Flusher) for the Fast Lube, independent Service and Automotive Dealership market worldwide.

Through ongoing research and development, our products are continually evolving to keep in step with the rapidly changing requirements of the industry. Durability and speed - at cost effective prices - set our products apart from the competition.

FST is a preferred supplier to many of North America's leading service operations. Their technicians have tested our products first hand and unanimously agree that our units, fittings, tools and accessories are the easiest to use in the industry. The unique visual aspect of this equipment allows the customer to see they are getting what they pay for. Technicians who use our equipment are more comfortable with the operation of our units and sell more of these types of services - delivering a faster return on capital investment for the business owner.

To view online demos, click on the product pictures. You can reach us at 1-250-765-9452.

What our customers have to say

"Mr. Lube uses the FST Transmission Machine (Model 1524A) in all of our locations as the primary Transmission fluid exchange equipment. This Canadian supplied machine has provided us with trouble free operation for many years."

"We choose this machine because of its simplicity, speed and durability. Operators can easily be trained to service vehicles with all of the supplied parts resulting in a quick and thorough customer service interaction."
Don Hetherington, Mr. Lube Canada


“We have used the Fluid Service Technology Transmission and Coolant flush machines exclusively in our service centers for more than 7 years.

These machines are very reliable, easy to use, and perform the service quicker than any other machines we’ve tried.”
Don Weber, Oil Can Henry's International, Inc.


"I am writing this letter to Joe at Fluid Services Technologies, located in Kelowna BC., as a thank you for getting us into the fluid exchangers they sell. We bought our first Coolant flush machine and began using it…and could not believe how fast, quiet and efficient it was. We had been using T-Tech machines for years and were looking for something more compact and of course quicker.

The first machine began paying for itself instantly and we liked it so well we bought a Transmission machine to try out…we are simply amazed and could not believe how quick it was compared to the other machines, and even on large diesel transmissions that are usually painfully slow…we cut our service times by 75%.

Since buying the first two machines, we have added another Coolant Flusher as well as another Transmission Flusher…and we wholesaled our four T-Tech machines and are exclusive to Fluid Service Technologies. It’s a nice sight and sound to see all four machines working away at once.

Joe Hanna has been great to deal with and is a man of his word. Joe could not have been nicer or any more professional to work with. Fluid Service Technologies shipped them right to us out of Kelowna BC, and the delivery was extremely quick.

Thanks again Joe!"
Rick Oakes, President, Jiffy Lube #2533


“The Great Canadian Oil Change ltd has used Fluid Services Tech for a number of years and we have found their product to be superior. Delivery and technical service has always been prompt, the equipment works very well and trouble-free.”
Mr. T. Weflen, President and CEO, The Great Canadian Oil Change Ltd.

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