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Why do I need a Cooling System flush?

The cooling system is one of the most overlooked aspects of a vehicles’ maintenance. It works so well that people forget to take care of it and yet, it is the number one reason for the dreaded highway breakdown.

What happens to it?

Antifreeze never loses its’ ability to prevent freezing but it does lose:

  • The ability to lubricate the water pump.
  • Rust inhibitors

Worst of all, it becomes laden with soluble metals (microscopic particles of metal) that form around the passages in the heater core, radiator, engine and sensors. This causes the engine to run hotter, sensors to send inaccurate readings to the computer. The computer senses that the engine is still cold and delivers more fuel to the injectors. This creates more emissions, rough running and poor fuel economy.

How will I know when it should be changed?

You don’t, you cannot tell by looking at the coolant if it should be changed or not. It may look “nice and green” and be “good and strong” but the additives may be used up and you cannot see the soluble metals. It is like the salt in the ocean, it’s in there but you can’t see it. You need to change your coolant based on time. Most manufacturers recommend every two years, every year if you have air conditioning. Some vehicles have extended life antifreeze, see manufacturers recommendations.

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